You think you’re you. You’re not. We’ve been with you all along. We’ve been in you all along. We own you—and you don’t even know it. We’re inside your head ruling your mind. We determine your feelings. Your thoughts. Your actions. We are your Bogus Beliefs. We run deep and we never sleep. We’re the ‘they’ in every ‘that’s what they say…’ line. We are your StuporPowers—holding you back from all that you could be. We’re fed by a never-ending supply of your doubt, your worry, your fear, your shame, your guilt, your unworthiness, your unlovability—it all makes us stronger. Your folly (fumbling) is our fuel. 




You are the Perfection Peddlers, the Arguing Aggressors, the Complaining Curmudgeons, the Pleasing Pansies. You are the Grass-is-Greener Gurus, the Busyness Bumblers, the Aspiring Addicts and the Disrespected Dilettantes. You are the Alienating Assholes, the Responsibility Renouncers, the Ascetic Altruists, the Put-down One-Uppers, and the Soul Shirkers.

Thank you for keeping us well fed—from your worrying, projecting, and xxx in your head—so you can barely get out of bed. Our true desire is to see you fail, hear you wail, keep things stale, and above all—keep you in your mental jail.

We perpetuate and propagate—everyone is our mole; from your parents, the media, clergy and teachers—there’s no one who is not on our payroll. Oh, you cute little Time Wishers and Wasters, you Annoying Avoiders, Spiritually Devoiders, Insidious Intellectualizers, Insolent Offenders, and Contemptuous xx.

You’re our puppets—in a chronic state of reacting, dousing fire after fire. Our little emotion machine. We are those voices, from which we rejoice, of your cavalcade of bad choices. Lack and scarcity keep you running in circles; chasing the unchaseable. We dance on the rubble of your shattered dreams.

Here’s to you, the Unfinishers. The Relationship-Wreckers. The Money Marauders. The Comparers. The Expectors. The Not-Enoughers. The ones who settle. The ones who live in chronic frustration. In endless angst, disappointment, and stifling strife. You know something is making your life suck. You think you need to work harder. You keep yourself busy and distracted. You think moving or switching jobs will help. About the only thing you can’t do is get some peace and happiness. Because you’re stuck. Bogus beliefs are running [ruining] your life. We keep you mired, tired, uninspired and negatively wired. Don’t try to beat us, because we’ll beat you down—like we always do. That’s how we troll.

We are the sorcerers of your subjectivity. You’ve been mind-washed and soul-squashed. Why else would you be reading this? We know you know something's up; so we keep your tension high and your attention low. We call it ‘Operation Numb and Dumb’.

Your body is our instrument; we play you like the fickle fiddle you are. Our beautiful bogus beliefs are the cacophony that keep you stuck in soulless tar. So go ahead take another frequent sip from our special blend of inflated ego drip (sour flavor of course) and spiral down into the cauldron of your obese ego grip.

Keep screwing yourself at every turn and we’ll maintain the endless mind chatter and foggy churn. Your enflamed ego, either searing with misery or the constant throbbing of malcontent and want, is what we tout. Because the more you doubt, the bigger our clout. Your excessive thrill seeking, sexcapading, and other numbing endeavors let us know we are optimally peaking [needs work]

It’s all about you—that’s what we like to make you think. Self-pity, self-judging, self-hate, ooh yeah, that’s the stuff. Stay right there and stew in it. Be sure to bring others into your whining wake of jealously, xx. Avoid, blame and don’t forget to cower, that way we’ll stay firmly in power. Sometimes, just for fun, we entice you with moments of possibility and hope and then, just at the right time, we gleefully pull the disempowerment rope. Lest you forget, we deem just how low is your self-esteem.

We aim to unease. So what’s it gonna be? More drama? More stress? More misery? How about more shame? More guilt? More resentment? Or another round of the same old fight you always have with…it doesn’t even matter who. The end game is we’ll make sure you’re screwed over, picked over, and worked over. Because if you’re spinning, we’re winning. Continue to begrudge and judge and we’ll ensure your life speed stays forever set at ‘sludge’. Stay in the alone zone and kick up your ‘‘woe-is-me’ tone.

[Alt 1] And with that, nice chat. One (or more) of us will be stopping by your brain momentarily.

[Alt 2] And with that, nice chat. One (or all of us) will be gushing (popping by, popping up) by any moment now.

Oh yeah, and have a wonderful day.

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