Slowiness Manifesto



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Someone probably asked you within the last few days how you are doing? If you replied, ‘I’m so busy’—and in doing so you flashed your ‘I’m-So-Important-Badge’. As if you have no control over your time. Or perhaps it was the other way around and you asked someone how they were doing and they replied with the same answer of busy they are. 

Have you ever dissected the word ‘business’? It’s busy-ness. We use the word business to talk about a place you may work or run one yourself. We tell people, when asked about something we don’t want to share with them, ‘that’s none of your business’. Or think about that person you know who’s a busy body. Oops, I hope it’s not you. Or perhaps you have a soul sucking job and you are subjected to ‘busy work’ that you do not see the purpose of and feel inspired by. The overall connotation in all of these cases are the following attributes: momentum, forward motion, a sense of requirement and need, stress, unending and unfinishable work

Slowiness™ Defined

Slowiness™is building a life, a business, a way of being in the world focused on slowing down.

Busy-Ness is a Trap
In the America and elsewhere, being busy is a badge of honor. You run into someone you know they ask ‘How are you?’ and you respond, ‘I’m so busy’. This is such a common response people don’t even realize how out of 

NotWorking is the antithesis of traditional networking. A wornout, totally dismal way of trying to connect with people; either in a business or personal setting. For me NotWorking™ is best understood when I say, ‘I spend a lot of time NotWorking™ which is having coffee hour after hour with cool and interesting people.’ Don’t drink coffee, have some tea. Point is NotWorking™ is about spending time with other people in an unstructured way without the explicit intention of finding your next client. It’s the opposite of drumming up new business; it’s about having lively and deep conversations with new and old friends, who may, down the road, become business partners or lead to otherwise valuable relationships.

The Slowiness™ Slowfesto
Pause during the day several times:
use your smartphone to remind you. schedule it in. 5 minutes
Create Constantly. Consume sporadically.
Stop reading books, taking courses on how to x, y, or z and just play around with your ideas in real time; preferably publically or within a small group of people. Point is to get interaction, feedback, different perspectives, and not operate in a silo
Morning routine
Scheduled downtime
With loved ones

Why I Care About This