Good men are suffering; many living unfilled lives. I help men love themselves and others. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus vitae elementum odio, pharetra fermentum eros. Quisque mattis, sem nec congue ullamcorper, libero urna laoreet ipsum, tempor ultricies felis ipsum vel mi. Vivamus finibus mauris aliquet orci pharetra, eu vestibulum nulla congue. Mauris sit amet velit arcu. Phasellus et turpis luctus, consequat orci rhoncus, consectetur nulla. Cras non scelerisque tellus. Praesent erat eros, fermentum ut tortor eget, posuere bibendum felis.

10ish ComMANdments or The MANifesto

  • Men no longer suffering in isolation and silence 
  • Men having emotional agility rather than being emotionally vacuous 
  • Men who process feelings with a deflated ego (more explanation?)
  • Men who redefine listening as caring and not try to fix others and solve problems
  • Men who exude personal power with empathy, integrity, and justice
  • Men who value their body, nourish their soul, and feed their mind
  • Men who no longer wonder or worry what it is to be a ‘real’ man
  • Men who are fully aware, present, and conscious 
  • Men who continuously repair and renew relationships
  • Men cultivating meaningful friendships with other men 
  • Men extinguishing their fears of inadequacy 
  • Men exploring and claiming their own unique masculinity 
  • Men eradicating their distortions about power struggles 
  • Men who take and own 100% personal responsibility and accountability for their thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions
  • Men who continuously seek and practice acts of self-love. 
  • Men who maintain a daily gratitude journal or meditation practice. 

Why I Care About This