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My Mission



Have you ever heard the axiom, ‘we teach what we need to learn’. This is how I’ve come to unfuck myself. Over the last several decades I was unknowingly entrenched in deeply rooted bogus beliefs of unworthiness and scarcity. This fucked up my life pretty darn good; especially in the relationship realm. Overcompensation of lack of self-love looks outwardly to people as a megalomaniac narcissist. A raging asshole if you will.

I’m making progress, the process is continuous. I’ve been dedicated to an extreme ego-loss program for the last few years. You see, I’m holding steady and generally healthy while in (hopefully long-term) remission from Stage IV OES™—Obese Ego Syndrome™—so long as I take my daily ego deflation medication. I was diagnosed in March 2012 and have been on an aggressive regimen of high dosages of personal accountability and responsibility coupled with empathy uptake regulators and scarcity-mindset shifters, for which the side effects have been phenomenal. These include positive perception orientation, increased purpose and compassion, bouts of gratitude, reduction of interruptionitis, and prolonged periods of self-love.

I’m the original Unfinisher™—at least not without the help of other people. Not to worry though—I’ll help you start to stop fucking things up—then you’ll finish it. It’s really the only way you’ll experience true, lasting, positive, healthy change in your life anyway. As Smokey the Belief Buster Bear says, ‘Only you can bust your bogus beliefs’. You can count on me to light one helluva fire under your ass.

These days I'm part StorySharer, Happiness Hunter, Inspiration Instigator and Mojo Maker. I help people lovingly disrupt themselves to bust their bogus beliefs to live loud and liberated. I help men not be assholes. All while being Functionally Delusional™. Yeah I said it. I’ve taken the lessons learned of ‘old me’ + my irreverent ways + knowledge of neuroplasticity + ancient wisdom + smidge of spirituality and leveraged them all into a bold, no bullshit suite of offerings, brand experiences, and products to get you optimized for happiness.

I enjoy NotWorking™, swearing, being compassionately brash, traveling, being a heterosexual who enjoys and teaches the fine art of Man Dating, nerding out with technology, and avoiding the news.


Since I am The Unfinisher™, I’m inviting readers and followers to help me finish this About Page. Please use this form to add to my About page. And they’ll be added randomly.

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More about me

Some sites, podcasts, and interviews with change makers. To live loud and liberated, you have to get real with yourself.


PODCASTS (old to new)!-milt-n/id796661531 and iTunes

GUEST POST (Magnetize Yourself, Women Approach You) (Advice From An Ex-Asshole, Riannon)

VIDEO (GMP Hangout on YouTube) (GMP Hangout via GMP site) (Byron Van Pelt)


Man Date, A Manual for Making Meaningful Relationships with Fascinating Dudes Without it Being Weird or Awkward

Unfucked: The Guide to Getting Over Yourself (2016 Release


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