Stop Believing Age-Related Decline is Inevitable


Most Age-Related Issues Are Preventable

The Aging Process Can Be Slowed Down

You Have The Power To Age Healthfully

Transform Your Health Now—And For The Rest of Your Life {Vita}

Coach Steven empowers men in midlife to reclaim their mojo and transform their health—now and for the future—with individually tailored services using the latest practices, research, protocols, tools, and tech in the fast-paced longevity sector. Alongside best practices in nutrition, exercise, sleep science, relationships, and midlife transitions. Total health requires a 360° VitaView—not the typical one-dimensional "lose 20 lbs in 30 days" schemes that rarely stick.

Most Age-Related Issues Are Preventable

• You have massive control over how well you're aging right now.

• Roughly 80% of lifestyle choices correlate directly to the most common age-related issues.

• These include many types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases, bone density and muscle loss, and more.

• Seize control of your wellness as healthcare is reactive, profit-driven, and pharma-focused. Prioritize prevention now and for the future.

• Making the right changes with the right information can extend, and even save, your life.

The Aging Process Can Be Slowed Down

• Do you feel your age creeping up on you? Noticing more aches and pains or lack of mobility?

• Do you feel like you look older than you are? Noticing you can't keep up like you used to?

• Not sleeping as well these days? Feel a decrease in energy and vitality?

• Struggling to manage your weight? And to stay fit and active?

• Experiencing older loved ones dying prematurely or enduring reduced quality of life?

• These and other common aging issues can be slowed down, or even reversed, with the right practices, support, and knowledge. 

You Have The Power To Age Healthfully

• First you need to reclaim your vitality and wellness. Coach Steven expertly guides you.

• Next, we build you a solid foundation of enduring health habits to extend your lifespan.

• By taking direct control of your health with a prevention-focus.

• To help avoid burdening your family by staying well, being fully mobile, and cognitively sharp as you age.

• To decrease chances of being frail, feeble, or worse.

• To lengthen your healthspan and not only Defy Decline but defy ageist beliefs and stereotypes.

VitaServices: Ignite Your Health Journey

My results-driven method called the Longevity Trio—Eat, Move, Sleep gives midlife men the systems, mindsets and habits to reclaim their vitality and health—now and for the future.



Ignite Your VitaJourney with this comprehensive assessment to evaluate your health and wellness needs in midlife. Perfect for getting started on your journey with a tailored Summary Action Plan following your 1-hr session.

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Craft your path to longevity with this comprehensive option for beginning your VitaJourney. We'll take a deep dive into your health and lifestyle to pinpoint key areas to address in this 2-hour session. Includes taking a pre-assessment and ends with your tailored VitaBlueprint.

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Unleash the power of your personal health and wellness transformation. Solidify your VitaJourney as we dig in and remake you. Available in 4 or 8-session packs. Includes pre-assessment, VitaBlueprint, and access to a coach-client health and nutrition tracking app.

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VitaElite Immersion

VitaElite Immersion

The ultimate, fast-tracked option to make a huge shift in your life. Exclusive access to coach Steven as I'll be with you every day during a one-month period. Includes pre-assessment, VitaBlueprint, and access to coach-client health and nutrition app.

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Vitamen Crushes the Archaic Midlife Narrative

Defy Decline

You can and should be doing some key things—the right things—to slow down aging-related decline. But what are those things? Which practices, exercises, foods, supplements, and more, slow down the decline?

Coach Steven helps men in midlife build customized blueprints to slow down, or even reverse, typical decline to increase quality of life and lifespan. Now is your moment to Defy Decline.

Age Boldy

Keep your body, your health, your mind, and your spirit invigorated and optimized as you age. Don't let your chronological age define you based on societal norms.

Embrace 'Age Fluidity', a rejection of a fixed age or being part of a specific generation. Take a midlife gap year (or a midlife gap decade like me). Retire early. Travel the world. Compete in triathlons. In short—Age Boldy.

Redefine Midlife

Midlife, commonly spanning from about 40-75 years old, can be a time of great change, significant stress, and diminishing health. can be a time of vitality, creativity, wellness, adventure, joy, and connection. It is literally your choice.

Societal norms and pressures no longer need to be accepted at face value. The 'midlife crisis' is out. The midlife chrysalis is in. You have the power to Redefine Midlife.

Your Health is Your Wealth.

Isn't it time to make the most important investment of your life?

Lifespan versus Healthspan

Lifespan is the number of years someone lives from birth until death.

Healthspan is the number of years someone is healthy without chronic and debilitating disease.

Too many people succumb to lifestyle-related diseases and ailments rendering them feeble, frail, or worse for the last years or decades of their lives.

So let's not do that; together we can increase your Lifespan and set you up for your Healthspan to match it. 

Let's Do This
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Meet Coach Steven

I'm Steven Shewach. I'm 53 and I take my health and wellness extremely seriously.

I'm in the same shape as I was in my twenties; and in some ways even better shape. I even have the same 30-inch waist size as I did in high school. 

Why? Because I'm crazy focused on all things health, wellness, and longevity. And where does this obsession come from you may be asking? My dad died when he was 66 years old from poor health and diet. His death inspired me to break free from the chains of the oppressive American culture of more, better, faster, upgrade, upsell, hustle and to make sweeping changes in my life and lifestyle. And perhaps, like you, other people close to me are aging in difficult, heart-breaking—and likely avoidable—ways. I vowed that I will do all that I can to live healthfully until...I don't. That's when Lifespan and Healthspan are equal.

Since I turned 42, I've spent most of my midlife not working; and instead traveling and adventuring around the world as a nomad. The traditional retirement path makes no sense to me. And since the pandemic, I've doubled down on my health and wellness by becoming entrenched in the longevity space.

I have learned so much and seen profound changes in my body, my biomarkers, my vitality, and my outward appearance. People regularly mistake me for being nearly twenty years younger than I am chronologically.

Armed with this knowledge, I help men in midlife reclaim their vitality and wellness. I understand the unique challenges faced by men during this transitional phase, and I'm here to guide and support you every step of the way. So together, we can kick the shit out of this transformative stage of life and set the stage for a long and healthy life. We owe it to ourselves, our families, and our friends.

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